About Us

Established in 1981, Rocket Law Firm has dedicated itself to its goal of effecting positive changes in clients’ lives by representing them effectively in navigating the legal process, while also redefining the client experience. Today, Pace Law remains dedicated to upholding its signature “client-first” brand. With 160+ legal professionals in five offices, our firm serves its clients in over 38 languages.

Our Vision

Rocket Law Firm is a reputable, multi-service law firm servicing clients in USA. We provide strategic legal advice in all areas of law. As a leading Toronto firm, our team of lawyers and legal professionals strives to provide you with client-focused support and guidance throughout the entire legal process.

Our Mission

At Rocket Law Firm, we excel at guiding clients through the intricate

web of workplace rules and regulations with an unwavering commitment to their rights. In a city brimming with potential, our team’s knowledge sets us apart from the competition. Tackling cases from wrongful dismissals to harassment

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